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Supplier Spotlight: Soulful One Pots

Supplier Spotlight: Soulful One Pots

Looking for something that's nourishing, nutritious and ready in minutes? Soulful One Pots are just the thing! 

Sitting at a city desk, eating his 1000th limp sandwich, Iain Burke-Hamilton decided he had to act; he had to bring better lunches to the masses.

Iain grew up in Dorset but was introduced to the tastes of the world by his parents who worked in aviation. Sat at his desk, Iain realised how much he missed those flavoursome, filling meals so decided to take the leap and start transforming his colleague's lunches.

In 1999, he gathered together some similarly soulful folk, restored a vintage Airstream (christened "Betsy") and started touring the London street food markets. Betsy moved from markets to festival fields and as Soulful's following grew, the team brought a team of expert chefs on board to develop the delicious OnePots we have available on Osolocal2u today. 


From Thai Red Curry to North Indian Dhal, there's a Soulful One Pot for everyone

Sometimes you just don't have time to cook. That's where One Pots come in. Soulful cook their meals in the same way that you would at home, always using fresh ingredients. The difference is, rather than dolloping them straight onto a plate, they carefully package them for you to enjoy whenever you need a quick-fix meal in minutes.

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