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Supplier Spotlight: Castle Dairies

Supplier Spotlight: Castle Dairies

From the verdant Welsh Valleys to your fridge, Castle Dairies butter really is the best.

Picture the Welsh Valleys, rolling hills covered in a carpet of lush, fresh, flavoursome grass. Now, add in some cows and a creamery and you've reached Castle Dairies.

One of Britain's top producers, the Lloyd family have been supplying fresh dairy products to the UK market since 1966. As Carnaby Street rocked, their dedicated team were busy bottling milk and making Caerphilly cheese for Bateman's supermarkets in South Wales.

In 1970, the family switched their focus from milk to butter and today their drive to deliver top quality butter and spreadables to the British market is as apparent as ever. In their own words, the Lloyd family want nothing more than to:

'Delight our customers and consumers with functional, convenient and great tasting products which don’t compromise their natural healthy status.'

Hearty dishes, full of goodness

The Castle Dairies website has a wealth of recipes, made all the more delicious with a spoonful of creamy, welsh butter.

We recommend their Potato and Leek Gratin and, even better, all the ingredients are available here on!

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