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Supplier Spotlight: Deli Farm Charcuterie

Supplier Spotlight: Deli Farm Charcuterie

Award-winning Cornish charcuterie

Here's some meaty trivia for you: the "Deli" in Deli Farm doesn't stand for delicatessen. Instead, it is the ancient name of the farm at which this premium charcuterie is produced. 

This name could suggest that a twist of fate prompted Michael and Jean Edwards to start crafting their own air-dried meats but really they wanted access to higher quality charcuterie than was available in the UK.

In 2005 they began researching techniques and equipment and by February 2006 they were ready to start trading. Since the beginning they have sourced their meat from carefully selected local producers in Cornwall and Devon, and, with a keen eye on sustainability, they use 100% renewable energy to power the process.

Try Deli Farm Charcuterie for yourself.

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  • Arabella Peniston