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Supplier Spotlight: Nurtured in Norfolk

Supplier Spotlight: Nurtured in Norfolk

From professional chefs to professional growers

As chefs Allan Miller and Sue Drane were always on the look out for the best garnishes to really add a final flourish. Struggling to find them, they launched Nurtured in Norfolk to develop more flavoursome microherbs that could really enliven a dish.

Their team invest time and care into every plant. All products are grown on a natural soil base and high quality seed is sown directly onto the soil, watered and given plenty of hands-on care. Once grown, the plants are cut by hand to ensure the quality of the product.

The gardeners amongst you will know that pest control can be the biggest plant issue. Instead of using chemicals, Nurtured use biological controls, releasing beneficial insects into the greenhouses to attack any pests. No chemicals at their end means no nasties at your end and that's one of the OsoMany reasons we're proud to share Nurtured in Norfolk's herb dusts and fragrant oils.


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