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Supplier Spotlight: Mud Foods

Supplier Spotlight: Mud Foods

Have you ever made a mud pie? Well these ones are a whole lot tastier.

We could say lots of things about why Mud’s pies are the best in the bizz but we don’t need to when they’ve won so many awards! Their entries at the British Pie Awards in 2018, 2019 and 2020 have won the highest proportion of top awards for taste of any UK artisan pie producer – in total, they’ve won over 70 national and regional taste awards in the last six years. 

The secret to their success is a butter rich pastry, which is rested overnight in the traditional way. There's also the fact that founder Christian Barrington refuses to use additives, preservatives or any other nasties. All the beef, pork, lamb, milk and double cream is organically certified from the Goodwood Estate, located just outside Chichester. All their chicken is free-range, British and from a trusted farm near Salisbury and their eggs are free-range from Hallgate Eggs, near Petworth.

Added together, these ingredients give 'the ultimate homely, wholesome and delicious pie experience'. It’s no wonder Mud have gained such a loyal following…

These are better than fantastic pies.  The pastry is so yummy and you get a very generous amount of filling with so many different varieties to try.  It’s a gastronomic journey.  I love them hot or cold.’  Fran W, Chichester.

Tempted? Try a Mud Pie for yourself - and don't forget their squiches!

From vegan Squash, Spinach and Feta to classic Chicken, Ham and Leek, Mud have a pie for everyone. Once you've taste tested all of those, move onto their scrumptious square quiches or 'Squiches' as they're known.


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  • Arabella Peniston