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Meet Liberty Fennell: Recipe Creator

Meet Liberty Fennell: Recipe Creator

Here at Osolocal2u, we want to make your shopping experience Osoeasy. As well as supplying you with a whole range of ingredients, we've teamed up with recipe writer Liberty Fennell to give you menu inspiration for every occasion.

Liberty loves to work with colourful, seasonal produce and believes that fresh, tasty ingredients can always be transformed into something special.

Her love of local produce has led her to work with leading British companies including Maldon Sea Salt, Marmite and even Ketel One Vodka, helping them showcase their products to the food-loving public.

If you've ever looked at the ingredients on the website and wondered what to do with them, take a look at our collection of recipe cards, shop the ingredients in just a couple of clicks and whip up something Osodelicious.

Liberty will be sharing new recipes over the next few months - keep checking our recipes page here.

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