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Supplier Spotlight: Jane Stonebridge Greetings Cards

Supplier Spotlight: Jane Stonebridge Greetings Cards
Jane Stonebridge’s story is proof that all the best ideas come to you over a slice of cake.

Before Christmas, Jane Stonebridge got in touch with us to tell us more about her burgeoning greetings card business. She has been shopping with us since last summer and we are delighted to now be working with her as one of our valued suppliers.

Jane’s passion for painting has truly been passed down through the generations. She grew up watching her maternal grandmother and aunt make beautiful pictures before her grandfather turned to sculpture in his later years.  

As Jane’s own children began to grow up and gain independence, she was able to find time outside her teaching career to form a painting group with a couple of friends. Every Friday morning the trio would gather over cake and coffee, catch up, and paint under the guidance of a local artist. 

Jane had always made greetings cards for friends and family and, with a renewed passion for painting, the logical next step was to start printing some of her designs.  

Jane’s beautiful designs are inspired by her love of flowers, taking inspiration from the natural world. This respect for nature is present at every stage in the process. On launching the business, Jane sourced a printer committed to sustainability, who uses high quality paper from UK paper mills and each card is wrapped along with a kraft paper envelope in a compostable cellophane bag to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.   

What are Jane’s hopes for 2021? 

‘I hope to continue to paint more of our precious environment and hope for a healthier and happier year for everyone.’ 

We’ll raise a cup of coffee to that!

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