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Supplier Spotlight: England Preserves

Supplier Spotlight: England Preserves

Locally-sourced fruit treated with love for brighter, bolder jams.

Founded in 2001, England Preserves are one of the leading artisan producers based at the Spa Terminus food community in Bermondsey's historic railway arches. 

In one of these arches, the England Preserves team use traditional jam making techniques (much like the ones you'd use at home) to transform locally-sourced fruit into bright, bold conserves which are perfect for croissants, scones, toast and more.

Whether you're looking for a punchy piccalilli to add oomph to a ham sandwich, red onion marmalade to serve with sausages or a bright blackcurrant to use as an alternative filling for a Victoria Sponge, England Preserves have the answer.

Browse the full range in its beautifully-packaged glory here.

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  • Arabella Peniston