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Supplier Spotlight: GRADZ Bakery

Supplier Spotlight: GRADZ Bakery

Looking for delicious sourdough that you don’t have to make yourself? We’ve joined forces with GRADZ Bakery to offer you three artisan breads crafted from unique family recipes

GRADZ is the brainchild of master bakers Agnes Gabriel and Romuald Damaz. The pair have always been passionate about making healthy, delicious bread and they decided to launch GRADZ after discovering a stack of recipes, hand-written by Agnes’ Great-Grandfather. Reading the recipes took Agnes right back to her childhood and, reflecting on these cherished memories, the duo set out to share the tradition of continental-style baking with the British public.

Sourdough go-slow

Agnes and Romuald have used the same natural sourdough starter, or ‘mother dough’, since 2003. For each loaf, this starter is combined with flour, water, and seeds and any other flavourings (always natural!) before the mixture is left to slowly ferment for up to 24 hours. This careful process brings deliciousness to every bite and also makes GRADZ’s loaves easier to digest.

GRADZ’s gluten free options are made with the same level of care and commitment to achieving great taste, texture and nutritional benefits.


Test the full GRADZ range and let us know which is your favourite by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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  • Alesja Golubovits