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Supplier Spotlight: Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes

Supplier Spotlight: Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes

Deceptively humble, the potato has a long history dating back almost 8,000 years. Over that time, the potatoes that we see in supermarkets have been reduced to a mere handful of varieties. Recognising that the way we produce potatoes today does not reflect the plant’s illustrious past, Lucy and Anthony Carroll set out on a mission to re-introduce the British palate to some of the unique varieties that have been lost over time.

Lucy, Anthony and their team grow around 14 heritage varieties on Tiptoe Farm in Northumberland. Their main focus is to grow potatoes with unique taste and texture qualities, rarely seen in your average spud. They are also deeply passionate about the environment and farm in the most sustainable way possible. This includes supporting the local ecology by leaving a 6 metre strip of grass in each field, which is planted with herbs and flower mixtures to encourage bees and birds.

This care for both the environment and their crops is truly reflected in the quality of Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes. Click here to add a couple of varieties to your next order and let us know what you think

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  • Alesja Golubovits