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Supplier Spotlight: Belazu

Supplier Spotlight: Belazu

You'll almost certainly have seen Belazu's products on the shelves, you might even have tried them, but do you know the story behind this brilliant brand?

When Adam and George met on their first day of secondary school in 1979, they may not have known they'd launch an award-winning food brand but they certainly became firm friends. In 1987, they parted ways with Adam heading to university whilst George went to cookery school before starting his cooking career at the Michelin-starred La Taillevent in Paris.

From there, George rose to become a private chef on a Mediterranean yacht and when Adam came to visit him in Provence, the duo's first food venture was born. On a visit to the market, they met Monsieur Soler whose olives were the best they'd ever tried. They took 10 buckets back to England and so began the Fresh Olive Company.

Further European tours introduced them to other ingredients: olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pesto, and introduced them to the Mediterranean food aficionados who would become their main suppliers.

Goods imported they took a stall in Borough Market from 1998 to 2016, officially becoming The Belazu Ingredient Company in 2015.

Today, Belazu is recognised as not only the leading supplier of authentic Mediterranean produce but also a truly sustainable one. View the full Oso range and visit the Belazu recipe page for inspiration as to how to make the most of these marvellous ingredients.

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  • Arabella Peniston