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Supplier Spotlight: Alpro

Supplier Spotlight: Alpro

40 years of plant-based innovation

Our friends at Alpro have been leading the food revolution for over 40 years, encouraging us to make a few plant-based swaps to help protect our planet and its people.

Their environmental commitment is marked by their B-Corp status but the team are as concerned about your health as much as the planet's. They aim to produce low fat, low sugar products, enriched with vitamins and minerals. As they put it, their products are 'Always Tasty. Never Nasty'.

In fact, here are their three key values:

  • Empowerment – we believe anything is possible
  • Living positive – we focus on moving onwards and upwards
  • Igniting imaginations – we stay visionary and authentic in everything we do

If you want to do a little bit for our planet, stay healthy and still enjoy delicious food, swap milk for Alpro oat in your coffee, make your breakfast porridge with their almond drink and pour their irresistibly creamy plant-based custard over crumble and other desserts. Take a look at the range and enjoy switching it up.  

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  • Arabella Peniston