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Griddled Vegetables by Judy Stephenson

Griddled Vegetables by Judy Stephenson

Griddle; Mandolin; sharp knife; tongs; platter

Choose your vegetables for their colour as well as their taste. Slice courgettes, aubergines, fennel lengthwise; cut peppers (capiscums) along their seams, remove seeds, and if the pieces are very large, cut lengthwise. Chicory to be divided lengthwise into 4 or 6 pieces. Flat mushrooms, mange tout, green beans, asparagus to be trimmed but left whole.
Slice up garlic to taste and put it raw on the platter in a generous pool of good olive oil.

1. Make sure that the kitchen is well ventilated.

2. Get the griddle hot.

3. Lay the slices of any one vegetable on the griddle. When the colour begins to show through, turn them. The second side will take less long. Remove the slices from the griddle and turn them in the olive oil, and then move them to their final position on the platter. Repeat and repeat. If the olive oil runs out, add more.

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